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Breast cancer can be devastating just like any other type of cancer, but what adds more emotion  to it, is the visible after effects and a persons mentality– this is why breast cancer reconstruction surgery has been developed. Over the years, numerous changes have been made to breast cancer surgery and related procedures, allowing women to achieve that sense of normality once again by regaining natural-looking breasts. More to the point, nowadays, having breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer is not a privilege anymore – it is actually covered by all insurance companies, ensuring that all women will benefit from the right treatment.


The type of breast reconstruction required depends upon each individual, the type of breast cancer and the overall deformities it has caused. If you want to find out more about possible reconstructive surgeries, simply check our article section.


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What To Expect After Mastectomy Surgery

Mastectomy Surgery Los Angeles

After Mastectomy Surgery

The breast reconstruction surgery can be done after the mastectomy while you are still under anesthesia or at a later time. Many patients wait because they are not ready yet to undergo other operation or because of the need to have performed chemotherapy following the breast cancer. More than one procedure is usually required for complete reconstruction and patients must be informed be... more »

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Repair Distortions Left By Lumpectomy Surgery

Lumpectomy Surgery Los Angeles

Lumpectomy or breast conservation surgery is the most common type of breast cancer surgery currently performed. In this kind of surgery, only part of the breast is removed but the breast may appear to look deformed and it has a negative cosmetic aspect. more »