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TRAM flap surgery is a very common breast reconstruction technique that uses skin ,fat and muscle from the lower abdomen. The tissue is relocated to the chest and it creates a new breast. This procedure creates a tightening of the lower abdomen as well, and is sometimes used with the “tummy tuck” procedure.

There are 3 main forms of TRAM flap reconstruction surgery that are commonly used:

1. The PEDICLED TRAM flap: the flap is transferred to the chest by tunneling the tissue under the skin up to the chest to create a new breast. Bad points include sacrifice of all the sit-up muscles can be associated with significant post-operative pain, prolonged recovery, loss of abdominal muscle strength(up to 20%),abdominal bulging and even abdominal hernia.

2. The FREE TRAM flap: this procedure involves disconnecting the flap from the patient's body, transplanting it to the chest and then reconnecting it to the body using microsurgery. Advantages over the pedicled TRAM include: improved blood supply (and therefore less risk of healing problems and fat necrosis), and less muscle sacrifice (so the abdominal recovery is a little easier, potentially more strength is maintained long-term, and the risk of bulging and hernia formation is lower). While most of the tissue is disconnected and transplanted to the chest, there remains no tunneling under the skin as it remains with TRAM and subsequent bulge in the upper abdomen.

3. The muscle sparing free tram flap: similar to the free TRAM except the amount taken is very small. This procedure can be safer than free TRAM as the small amount of muscle causes less pain and complications(pain, bulging, hernia and strength loss).

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